Kevin ClarkUX Director, Shopify

Jonnie Hallman on Refactoring Code

I love how Jonnie, aka @destroytoday, has been writing a ton about his process as he’s building Cushion. This post on refactoring especially resonated with me.

I’m about halfway there because a few days in, I realized if I wanted to do this right, I would need to rewrite the schedule timeline. I originally wrote it for the budget, then made it work for scheduling, redesigned it a few times, added a few more elements, and rigged it to somehow work with invoices. I was left with a monster that looked nice, but felt like a long-running Jenga game.

This definitely happens to me all the time. When I write markup I always think I’m doing a good job at making it semantic, reusable and as simple as possible. But then, inevitably, design changes happen and I sort of hack it on top of the current markup structure. And soon enough it goes out of hand and I refactor. What’s great about refactoring though is that it’s like taking an exam for the second time, with all the answers.