Kevin ClarkUX Director, Shopify

Every App is a Communications App

Messaging as a primary way of interaction is strange trend for us in North America, because it didn’t become a thing here until very recently. What’s great about messaging is that everyone just gets it. Because of that, it’s a pattern that can make a lot of sense for many types of apps.

Ron Palmeri, CEO of Layer recently shared a few ideas on how some apps would be way better with the integration of messaging:

This app is essentially a marketplace for babysitters and parents in need of a babysitter. The app pre-qualifies babysitters through background checks and then presents parents with a list of available babysitters, based on the date, time and experience criteria the parent sets.

Transformation opportunities:

  • Messaging to connect parents to each other to collaborate and discuss the selection and ultimate hiring of a babysitter.
  • During-job photo or video messaging from babysitter/kids to parents to keep parents updated on the kids’ well being.
  • Sharing of checklists and other content types so parents and babysitter can stay in sync during the job.