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Why Instagram Direct Matters

Instagram Direct
The Instagram app has been updated during the presentation to add the ability to send pictures directly to other users.

Last week, Kevin Systrom introduced a new key feature in Instagram: Instagram Direct.

It is undoubtedly a response to the huge success of Snapchat (which kind of reminds me of Instagram when it started), but something caught my attention during the presentation:

What a lot of people associate with us is beautiful photography. And a new way to communicate and share in the real world doesn’t exactly strike a chord with beautiful photography. They seem a little disparate. But what I want to do today is talk about how they’re not so different. And in fact how they’re really close. For us communication is really core. It’s not about photography necessarily. If we were about photography we’d be built into cameras, but we’re not built in to cameras, we’re built into phones.

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