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I speak about the intersection between design and technology, building design teams, growing as a leader, creativity and many more.

One thing I love about the world of technology is that you have to be continually learning new things. More and more, a big part of my career is sharing with others my process designing experiences used by millions of people. My talks range from inspirational (diving into what motivates us to make things) to more practical (filled with real-world examples and tips that people can apply into their own work). My goal is to give people a good time while hopefully teaching them a thing or two.

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Robert Stulle@robertstulle

Great talk by @vernalkick about Dark Patterns. They happen. Sometimes unintentional. Often they backfire.

Thorsten Jonas@dolbydigger

“Dark patterns can happen, even if you have the best intentions.” — @vernalkick

Past Talks

Antifragile Design

As designers, we often seek certainty and control. When designing at scale, this is simply not possible. We must learn to thrive in unpredictability. Antifragile Design is about embracing constraints and using them to our advantage in order to create interfaces that adapt to a wide variety of different users, contexts and situations. It’s about managing complexity, so that the users of our products don’t have to.

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Defense Against The Dark Patterns

What do you do when you realize you’ve accidentally created a Dark Pattern? This talk is my attempt to understand the systemic causes that lead the world’s most well intentioned teams to design interfaces that trick people. In order to do that, we learn to recognize the different types of dark patterns, understand why they were used and explore strategic ways to avoid them.

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