Kevin ClarkUX Director, Shopify

The Empathy Machine

I’ve only started getting into House Of Cards. I know what you’re thinking. I simply never got into the show after its first episode. For a long time I thought the show simply wasn’t for me. When giving it another shot I realized I made a terrible mistake the first time around.

I treated it like a regular TV show. Being produced by Netflix, the show is optimized for binge-watching. Thus, the show is afforded a lot more time to set up the story and get you hooked. This idea is also reinforced by the naming convention of the episodes. Each episode is a chapter of a long-standing story, making the first episode of the second season chapter 14.

All of that to say I’ve become a big Kevin Spacey fan, so when I saw someone post a link to this interview with Spacey, I immediately clicked the link.

It’s a pretty incredible interview, James Harding really is an excellent interviewer. They touch on a bunch of interesting topics, including Spacey’s move to longer form storytelling, the sad state of the news industry and VR, which he describes as the ultimate empathy machine.

This interview is really worth 30 mins of your time, so check it out!