Kevin ClarkUX Director, Shopify

About Me

I’m a Design Lead at Shopify, I run the Montreal Design Club, host the Layout podcast and I make iOS apps in my spare time. I live and work in the beautiful city of Montreal in Canada.

Kevin ClarkPicture by Willem Shepherd

I’ve been spending the last few years building product design teams to make commerce better for everyone and bring more entrepreneurship into the world. I currently lead the Checkout UX team where we build experiences used by millions of people every year. A big part of my work is to figure out how to make buying things online as enjoyable as possible and rally the team towards that vision. Another important part of what I do is help designers achieve their full potential through feedback and mentorship.

I co-host the Layout podcast with my friend Rafael Conde. The thing I enjoy the most about podcasting is the intimate connection it gives us with every single one of our listeners all around the world (even in South Korea!) They’re an important part of what makes our show successful and I always try to meet as many as possible whenever I’m traveling.

I’m also the founder of the Montréal Design Club: an event series and community for designers of all kind in Montreal. Each month, my team and I put together an event featuring two speakers with a unique perspective who can teach us something new. While it started small, we now have over 200+ people that are actively engaged in the community. It’s incredibly rewarding to see people come back each time and tell all of their friends.

About this website

This website is powered by Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. The type is set in Graphik by Commercial Type and GT Pressura Mono by Grilli Type.


If you'd like to talk about anything, please don't hesitate to email me.

Work Inquiries

I’m not currently taking any new work at the moment.