Unicorn Phonebook

For this hack days, my team decided we wanted to explore building a native app with React Native. Since we were all pretty new to the technology, we decided to tackle a fairly simple problem that we all run into fairly often: having access to the employee directory straight from our phone.

Let’s say you’re organizing something with coworkers after work, or traveling to another office and need somebody to let you in, we often need to figure out the best way to contact somebody on the spot. We also wanted to allow people to learn more about new coworkers easily.

We also integrated with the CoreSpotlight APIs in iOS 9 to present search results directly within Spotlight. Pretty useful feature.

The first screen of the app displays an alphabetical list of all the shopifolks, pretty straight forward. You can then filter that list by offices or teams like “development” or “UX”, which is a great way to find out, for example, designers in Toronto.

You can quickly search for anyone in the company and contact them directly from the list, or you can dive in and learn a little more about them. We started with simple things, but we could add support for more advanced stuff in the future.