The Last Goodbye

This is my last day of highschool. It’s pretty scary and awesome in a lots of ways. Think about it — in five years, we’ve had more than 4 500 periods and spent about 6 500 hours in school. That’s a lot and it’s hard to accept that tomorrow will be the last.

The last time to chat with my friends around a hallway, the last time we’re all gathered together around the same table, the last time we see the principals and the teachers we all love and hate. The last time we get up 5 minutes before the bell rings, the last time we see the cafeteria, the auditorium, the classes, the offices… You know what I mean.

Tonight I get the feeling that maybe I didn’t do enough. Maybe I haven’t fully experienced my highschool like I should have. Could have worked more, could have laughed more. But, the more I think about it… it was just awesome. It would never been that awesome without all of you guys. I feel like even if I haven’t talked to every single one of my classmates, they played a big role in shaping the person that I am now. And I can never thank you enough.

It’s not the end of the world, but it kind of never be the same. I’m surely going to miss my friends. They are simply the best. You all have this special place in my heart and I will never forget you. No matter far or close, a long time ago or tomorrow, I’ll be there with you. You’re the most precious thing that I have and heck, it’s not because we won’t see each other every day that it’s ever going to change.

Tomorrow, we’re finally leaving. Leaving room for the next generations of young adults with stars in their eyes, wondering in which starfield they belong. I have to go, my last day of school begins in a few hours. It’s been a pleasure. See you soon.