The Edge

There’s only a split second where you’re completely fearless. That single moment where your feet still touch the ground, but your hair is waving through the wind. The time sort of pauses for you, letting you savourate that moment. Your moment. Most people would call ignorance, I call it being alive.

You know there’s danger, you know all about the risks — you’ve sudied them for so much time now — but you choose to forget about them. You convice yourself that the benefits you’ll be getting out of this experience will be way more important than the drawbacks.

I’m trying to capture this feeling in what I do. I like to jump a little to know where my limits are. We’ve always been thought to make the less mistakes we can. That’s fine for some people, but not for me. I’d like to know how it’s like to fall, so I can learn to be good at getting back up. If you learn to deal with your mistakes, you’re still going to make a lot of them, but they’re going to be less and less painful. That’s what people call experience. They say you have to get to the bottom of the pool to push you back to the top. Every single mistake will be a step in the right direction.

I’d rather be interesting than perfect. You have to accept that fear is just a part of the process and an indicator that you’re doing the right thing. Mistakes don’t make you go forward or backward, they make you go sideways, and thats perfectly fine if you ask me.

Anything you do should trigger an emotion to the person experiencing the result of your work. The reader should feel understood or grateful. People relate and apply your stories to their real lives. How many times you’ve read something and suddenly you see that word everywhere now? How many times have your favourite character felt the same way you do at the same time you do? What were the chances this could happen?

Share your mistakes, people want to know other people make them too. You’re not the only one, we all do. Don’t feel ashamed or awful, it okay to be down for a while. It allows you to stand up. Anyways, I’m on the edge now. About to throw myself in the air and publish this article that could be better, but my feelings are genuine. I’m taking a chance and I hope you understand. If you do, go make something. Take a risk, and write about it and send it to me. I’ll add you to my list of flying superheroes. You’re amazing.