Joining Shopify

If you’ve been following along, you may be wondering why I’ve took a few trips to Ottawa recently. Well, I’m proud to announce that I’m joining Shopify! I will be working from their newly opened office in Montreal with the smartest team one could wish to work with. I’m pretty excited!

Shopify’s mission is to make it possible for anyone to open up a store that’s accessible to the world in just a few minutes. We’ve come a long way, but there are still many ways in which we can revolutionize the commerce industry. As a designer, the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of store owners is one that you can’t refuse. We can really make a difference.

Appart from the interesting work, Shopify’s most valuable asset is its culture. They encourage creativity, collaboration and continued learning. From only one visit to their Ottawa office, I was convinced this was where I wanted to work. When you talk to people who work at Shopify you quickly realize that it’s way more than just a job for them. Everyone eats together every day in this beautify lounge area (that used to be a nightclub!), multiple activities are organized throughout the year to allow people to get to know each other, hack days allow everyone in the company to work on fun and exciting ideas in a condensed timeframe, and there’s even a “Chief Culture Officer” that makes sure that no matter how big the company becomes, it’ll still keep that thread that ties us together: do good work, tell people.

We are still looking for talented people to join our ranks in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, so if you think you would be a good fit and would like to solve interesting problems with us, let us know! Once again, I am extremely proud to be a part of a company that fosters creativity and gives us the freedom to experiment and learn new skills. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and I can’t wait to tell you more.